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You may think that vibration training is a new-fangled invention, but you’d be wrong! Vibration was first explored as a therapy for stimulating healing as far back as Ancient Greek times. A Swiss man by the name of Zander invented whole body vibration machines for physical rehabilitation in the late 1800s, and John Kellogg applied it in his health sanitoriums in the early 1900s. In the late 1990s Power Plate debuted and by the 2000’s was debuting in health clubs and athletic teams around the world.

Learn more about the technology and science, as well as how to implement it in your training routines by following the videos below.

Lead biokineticist at the Cell C Sharks Jimmy Wright

In the video of our rugby series, Lead biokineticist at the Cell C Sharks Jimmy Wright looks at various techniques to assist athletes.

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Take a closer look at the benefits of whole body vibration, how you can effectively use your Power Plate, the technology that goes into our products and how others have used Power Plate to help bring their lives into harmony.