Power Plate
Healthy Mums

The Challenge

For months, your baby bump has been a source of joy and happiness. Now that you and your little one are finally united, you might find your body has changed.

If you’d like to beat the bump and get your pre-baby body back in no time, then Power Plate has a great fitness plan that’s perfect for you!

The Solution

Women all over the world know that being a mother is a full-time job, and using the Personal Power Plate is a quick and highly effective way to keep feeling great every step of the way.

The gentle vibrations will increase blood flow to bring much needed oxygen and nutrients to your healing body without you having to jump around performing unsuitable exercise for your level of recovery.


of mothers have incontinence


of pregnant women have diastasis recti


of mothers have had pelvic floor problems


of mothers have had pelvic floor prolapse

With just 10-30 minutes on the Personal Power Plate, you can activate your core, rebuild strength safely and reduce lower back pain that is often synonymous with being a new mom.
  • Women with Diastasis Recti
    All pregnant mums have some level of Diastasis Recti by the third trimester. This programme will help to heal your diastasis and narrow the gap which is causing your weak core and pooched tummy.
  • Women who had a c-section or vaginal birth or hysterectomy
    This programme is safe to start as soon as you have been cleared for exercise by your health professional, normally six weeks post-birth or -surgery.
  • Women whose babies aren’t babies anymore! 
    It’s never too late to improve your core and pelvic floor function, tone and strength.
  • Women who want to…
    – Have stronger core muscles
    – Restore pelvic floor strength
    – Stop accidental leaks
    – Reduce lower-back pain
    – Have a flatter stomach
    – Improve posture
    – Lose excess weight
    – Cope with daily physical demands of motherhood

After regularly using it for just two weeks I started to see results and found it easily fitted into my day. The videos available online were varied and easy to follow and the exercises worked my whole body, which I liked.

Angela P.

I enjoy the great recipes in the kick-start meal planner, I find the exercises fun and easy to do at home. The Power Plate Healthy Mums programme has given me a way to beat my twin baby bump and work towards getting my pre-baby body back. My improved core and pelvic floor strength has given me back so much confidence. And it fits perfectly into my hectic days!

Nicole S.

Currently on week three of the 12-week programme (baby number 3… 9 months old.. 3 C-sections). My core is already noticeably stronger! Loving It!

Karine B. (Physio)

Research shows …

“84.8% of women found their quality of life wrt stress urinary continence improved following only 4 weeks of whole body vibration pelvic floor training.”

– Fahrzinmehr, A. A Comparative Study of Whole Body Vibration Training and Pelvic Floor Muscle Training on Women’s Stress Urinary Incontinence: Three- Month Follow- Up. J Family Reprod Health. 2015 Nov; 9(4): 147–154.

“The combination of vibration training and physical therapy turned out to be highly effective and thus represents a genuine therapeutic option for patients with stress urinary incontinence.”

 Von der Heide, et. al. International Continence Society 33rd Annual Meeting

The programme pack includes:

12-week video-led post-natal exercise recovery programme designed by post-natal expert Jenny Burrell
Information on how to get the most out of your Power Plate machine
Accessories: Theraband, Pilates ball, resistance rope, dumBbells & mini band
Kick-Start Fat Loss Recipe book by Rachel Holmes
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