Weekend Warrior

When it comes to your fitness aspirations, there’s a small margin between your current performance level and your full potential.

Whether it’s getting through the whole game, winning the race, or improving on your personal best time, the gap between “good” and “great” is a gap Power Plate is designed to help you close.

Athletes all over the world acknowledge that preparation and recovery are key with any training session, and using Power Plate is a quick and highly effective way to warm up before your workout, and recover afterwards.

Activating your muscles before your workout prepares your entire body for efficient movement, ready for any activity, and reducing potential injury risk.

Optionally performing your strengthening phase of training on the Power Plate can also be time efficient and extremely effective, with the benefits of increased neuromuscular activation and muscle recruitment.

Increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and circulation afterwards allows your muscles to recover faster, promoting relaxation, and reducing the onset of post-activity muscle soreness and tightness.

Increase stability, mobility and flexibility

Improve motor-learning

Increase muscle temperature, for efficient warmup

Increase strength, power, endurance

Activate and recruit a large number of muscle fibres

Reduce recovery time and delayed onset muscle soreness after activity

Power Plate

Run Injury Free!


This programme helps you to better understand your body, the demands of running and how to avoid the most common running-related injuries. Using barefoot activation exercises, and incorporating Naboso Technology and whole body vibration using Personal Power Plate, Run Injury Free! programme can help you prepare, condition and recover more effectively, minimizing your risk of running-related injuries.

So no matter what you’re training for, Power Plate is the tool that can help you prepare faster, perform better, and recover quicker.